Dako & WZ – Graffiti WWF Style

Dako & Wahab don’t paint anywhere near enough on the streets as I would like but when they do they always serve up an absolute treat. Both artists characters and scenes are full of colour, crazy looking characters and just the general vibe of a really bad trip. For this piece they have created something I have seenContinue reading “Dako & WZ – Graffiti WWF Style”

3 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s that time of the week again on nogreywalls where I showcase the three most liked photos this past week from my Instagram page. Slight disclaimer in that I’m bending the rules slightly this week as some of the most liked or joint most liked pieces of art I actually want to delve into a little bitContinue reading “3 of the best – Weekly round up”

Interview with Berol377

Next up in my street artist interview series is prolific Mexican artist Berol377. Based in Barcelona Berol377 tells us a little about himself and the inspiration behind his pieces that are seen regularly on the streets of this beautiful city. Where does the name Berol 377 come from? My name comes from a color brand andContinue reading “Interview with Berol377”

Contorno Urbano 12+1 January – Zurik1

The First intervention in this years Contorno Urbano’s 12 + 1 Project has been completed and it’s an absolute beauty of a piece. First up to paint the wall situated in Barcelona’s Llobregat suburb was Colombian graffiti writer Zurik1 who’s work focusses on highly colourful abstract lettering. For this intervention you will see that Zurik hasContinue reading “Contorno Urbano 12+1 January – Zurik1”

Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 Llobregat 2018 Edition

Local art foundation and all round hard working good guys Contorno Urbano have recently announced the line up for the 2018 edition of their 12 + 1 project. Held monthly on a 50 square metre wall near the Torrassa metro station in Hospitalet Llobregat Barcelona, this intervention showcases the talents of 12 artists from a wide rangeContinue reading “Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 Llobregat 2018 Edition”