Run & Basik new mural in Florence

RUN and BASIK have completed a new mural located on the façade of a building in the district of Rovezzano, in Florence. The artists spoke with the residents of the neighbourhood who expressed the desire for the artists to carry out an intervention with the subject of boxing. The reason for this being that closeContinue reading “Run & Basik new mural in Florence”

Desire Lines 2019

Street art, architecture and…horticulture combine in a new project that aims to challenge the predominance of large-scale muralism Five international artists who specialise in producing site-specific and ephemeral outdoor artworks were recently invited to Oslo to participate in a new initiative for independent public artists – the first of its kind in the city.

Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione

“Decostruzione/Ricostruzione” In Genoa, Greg Jager paints an anamorphic mural on a school, to find a new point of view. Greg Jager has painted an anamorphosis mural in Certosa, Genoa. Certosa is the district of Genoa which has been most affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge in 2018. This unimaginable tragedy saw 43 peopleContinue reading “Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione”