Mrfijodor – The XXXL Panta Burger

“The XXXL Panta Burger” The impressive mural artwork created by Mrfijodor as part of the Athens Street Art Festival. Artistic residence from 23 to 26 April 2019 The mural Within the Athens Street Art Festival, a project born with the aim of enhancing and supporting European creativity in urban art, the Italian artist Mrfijodor painted a façadeContinue reading “Mrfijodor – The XXXL Panta Burger”

Nuart 2019 video round up.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this years Nuart 2019 festival in my home town of Aberdeen, Scotland. The flight operators really need to work on providing more and MUCH cheaper flights from Barcelona to Aberdeen! This years Nuart looked to be the best yet with another stellar line up of artists. Smug, Helen Bur, Vhils andContinue reading “Nuart 2019 video round up.”

Fasim – Back to School

Back to school – A new mural from Fasim. Normally when I receive press releases I will add my own words or move things around to to suit my style. However in this instance Fasim has sent me a fascinating first person story about his latest mural in Castellon. There is nothing I can addContinue reading “Fasim – Back to School”

Street art Las Vegas

Smallworks Press to Publish ‘Street Art Las Vegas’ by William Shea and Patrick Lai. The unseen talent and hidden benefits that street art contributes to the art community is being highlighted in a new book documenting the artform in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Street Art Las Vegas includes murals and other works by well-knownContinue reading “Street art Las Vegas”