Street art Berlin #5

Since I pulled my finger out and did a Lisbon column this week, I thought I’d add a Berlin one to the mix also. My Berlin posts to date have been of relatively small pieces so let’s switch it up with this full scale mural. It’s of course by Herakut and took me quite someContinue reading “Street art Berlin #5”

Street art Lisbon #19

I’ve not done one of these Lisbon pieces in an minute. So let’s get back into it with a cracker from the ever excellent Vhils. Lisbon is not quite Vhils home turf (he was born in nearby Seixal) But due to the close proximity his work can be found all over the city. This ‘mural’ wasContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #19”

An Interview with Aberdeen’s Honk

I try really hard to not just focus on the scene in Barcelona despite it being my bread and butter. I love to share art from wherever I have been on my travels and I also try and bring some attention to some other scenes that might fly under the radar. I’m Scottish, from AberdeenContinue reading “An Interview with Aberdeen’s Honk”