SSOSVA in Space

A very short post this one. You may remember a few weeks back I had a wee chat with Silent Bill from SSOSVA. Well Bill has just sent me this video of SSOSVA’s recent space cadet mission… Yep the group have just sent their logo into space! What an idea! You can check out theContinue reading “SSOSVA in Space”

Wednesday wall of fame #22

It’s a double header for this week’s Wednesday wall with these two pieces by the rat kid herself Glitter riot. Glitter Riot is part of the fast drips crew and is I guess what you’d call a proper graffiti artist, you are just as likely to find her work on a train or in an undergroundContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #22”

Wednesday wall of fame #20

It’s not often I feature a burner on the blog so I thought it was about time that I rectified this and showed some love to the type of street art that is probably the most common here in Barcelona. Ironically this piece is by an artist who was passing through as part of aContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #20”