8 of the best – Weekly round-up

Every Sunday (he says optimistically) I am going to do a round-up of the most liked photos from my nogreywalls Instagram page. In theory this is just to show what my followers liked the most each week. In reality it’s more like what IG’s ridiculous algorithm actually allowed people to see on a daily basisContinue reading “8 of the best – Weekly round-up”

GO GO GO – BYG & Contorno Urbano’s 12+1 Project

Hello everyone, welcome to my very first post for my new blog, No Grey Walls! Well in fact it’s my first blog post anywhere, ever, so bear with my whilst I get my writing style down to an art… terrible pun very much intended sadly. The main aim of this blog is to speak aContinue reading “GO GO GO – BYG & Contorno Urbano’s 12+1 Project”