Interview with Jo Peel

I was put onto the work of British artist Jo Peel from an old friend in the UK. Jo’s Instagram bio states that she is an ‘Artist who paints, draws and animates within and of the urban environment’ As someone with a love for buildings and angles she sounded like the type of artist I’dContinue reading “Interview with Jo Peel”

Interview with Jeba

Londoner Jeba is a big presence on the streets of Barcelona. Barely a week goes by without seeing his name and/or characters adorning a wall somewhere. It’s pretty amazing Jeba finds the time to get out and paint really cos boy can he talk! This has got to be one of my favourite interviews toContinue reading “Interview with Jeba”

Interview with Klover

Klover is a Swedish artist residing in Barcelona. From memory he is one of the first street artists I met and got chatting to here. Those Swede’s with their great English helping a brother out eh! Not only is Klover a great guy but he is also one of the handful of artists who’s workContinue reading “Interview with Klover”