Interview with Riak (Bastian Prendes)

I first ‘met’ Riak or Bastian the Jail as he was known back then last year at a festival near Barcelona. I’d seen his work on Instagram and really liked what I saw. As is often the case here I got a bit language shy and didn’t go and say hello. Of course Bastian speaks […]

ConnectHort – Street art workshops in Barcelona

Sometime ago I received a message on facebook from The Barcelona Academy of Art. It related to some workshops they were helping to organise at ConnectHort, a community garden in Barcelona. The academy were hoping I would be able to share some information about the workshops through my social media pages.

The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists

Yeah you read the title correctly, ‘The secret society of super villain artists’. It wasn’t a ruse to lure you in, it’s a real thing. This mysterious group are like the street art version of the rap super villain himself, MF Doom. Looks like I hit the jackpot! (Supervillain!) That’s the best part of all! […]

Interview with Alessio Bolognesi

This week I have spoken with Italian artist Alessio Bolognesi. Alessio is an ex graphic designer who decided his talents were better served in the world of street art. His art is driven by a passion for the environment and human rights. I seem to have interviewed a lot of Italian artists in the last […]