Interview with Moño

For my latest interview I had the pleasure of speaking to a young Barcelona based artist called Moño. This young artist has been hitting the streets of Barcelona for the past year with her particular brand of surrealist portraits. She is also a regular fixture at the cities various art fairs with her homemade comicsContinue reading “Interview with Moño”

Interview with Dogz Art

It’s interview time again on No Grey Walls! I have a few of these little beauties saved up but I’m pretty unorganised with finding archived photos! The lock down in Spain has forced my hand so here we are with a killer interview with French artist Dogz Art. Dogz first came to my attention earlyContinue reading “Interview with Dogz Art”

Interview with Banana Paredes

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve published any interviews on the blog so what better way to jump back in with a chat with Banana Paredes. For any readers who follow my Instagram page you will have no doubt see photos of Banana P’s, well his banana’s. Yes the name does what it saysContinue reading “Interview with Banana Paredes”

Interview with Riak (Bastian Prendes)

I first ‘met’ Riak or Bastian the Jail as he was known back then last year at a festival near Barcelona. I’d seen his work on Instagram and really liked what I saw. As is often the case here I got a bit language shy and didn’t go and say hello. Of course Bastian speaksContinue reading “Interview with Riak (Bastian Prendes)”