Interview with Juanjo Surace

I missed posting an interview last week so time to rectify that in style today. As you probably put together with the title, I´ve had the pleasure of interviewing Argentinian artist Juanjo Surace. Juanjo resides in Barcelona and every few months creates one of his frightening yet vulnerable characters on the streets. It´s a realContinue reading “Interview with Juanjo Surace”

Interview with Ru8icon

When I first ventured out onto the streets of Barcelona searching for art there were a number of artists who´s work I would see on my daily walks. There were probably 15-20 artists creating absolute wonders throughout the city. And not just now and again, this was a daily thing, it blew my mind inContinue reading “Interview with Ru8icon”

An Interview with Aberdeen’s Honk

I try really hard to not just focus on the scene in Barcelona despite it being my bread and butter. I love to share art from wherever I have been on my travels and I also try and bring some attention to some other scenes that might fly under the radar. I’m Scottish, from AberdeenContinue reading “An Interview with Aberdeen’s Honk”