Void Projects – Artist residency in Catalonia

Void Projects, a two month long artist residency in the colony of Can Rosal in Catalonia, Spain has come to it’s conclusion. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of a three day event held to celebrate the project. Entitled CREENÇA, the project took place in an old Convent from the 19th CenturyContinue reading “Void Projects – Artist residency in Catalonia”

Wednesday wall of fame #20

It’s not often I feature a burner on the blog so I thought it was about time that I rectified this and showed some love to the type of street art that is probably the most common here in Barcelona. Ironically this piece is by an artist who was passing through as part of aContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #20”

Street art Lisbon #12

Snapping this piece required a little patience which is not something I am known for, especially after very little sleep and an early start. Thankfully I had just enough to wait for the sun to move sufficiently to the right to get a shadow free shot of this wall in Sacavem near the city ofContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #12”

Wednesday wall of fame #18

This week’s Wednesday wall features the work of an artist who’s pieces always get me on my feet and down to the wall as soon as I possibly can to get my shot before the inevitable buffing. I say that in full knowledge that I have just missed one of his latest pieces which wasContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #18”