Tim Marsh and Ivesone – Return of the Graffiti Jedi

Barcelona based Dutch artist Ivesone has been living the high life recently, jetting all over the globe to paint and share his art with the world. Ives travels have seen him take in Italy, Aruba, Miami and home town Amsterdam but luckily for us here in BCN he always returns ‘home’ with the urge to make upContinue reading “Tim Marsh and Ivesone – Return of the Graffiti Jedi”

Velvet and Zoer – Walls that speak

After an extended work enforced break the blog is back and this year is going to be my most productive yet… I can just feel it in my bones. Who knows, I might even be able to actually do the weekly review piece, you know, every week! Over the Christmas holidays on a rare dayContinue reading “Velvet and Zoer – Walls that speak”