Reflection – Gerada in NYC

JORGE RODRÍGUEZ-GERADA ADVOCATES AGAINST CHILD TRAFFICKING AND SLAVERY CREATING THE BIGGEST MURAL IN NEW YORK CITY. Gerada has finished another new mural, a colossal one that rises high on the Westin NY Grand Central Hotel facade in Manhattan. This latest project was curated by ONG Street Art For Mankind in collaboration with the International Labour... Continue Reading →

Sabek at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Spanish artist Sabek has opened his latest solo exhibition in at the Montana Gallery, Barcelona. 'Origens' will run until June 29 and  contains a selection of 16 paintings in three different forms. Despite the paintings coming in different forms, each piece is still unmistakably the work of Sabek. For those of you who don't know the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mrfijodor

I'm happy to have had an opportunity to speak with Italian artist MrFijodor. Here he talks about his career, his latest project in Athens and his love of cinema. Hi Mrfijodor how are you? Tell us a little about yourself... I am all good thank you! I was born in a town among the mountains and... Continue Reading →

If walls could speak

I'm a bit late posting this round up of the 'If walls could speak' mural festival in Amsterdam. I've got plenty of excuses ready. There was almost 2000 photos to edit, I have a rubbish WiFi connection etc. etc! It's here now though and the murals are going nowhere so all good. The Festival So,... Continue Reading →

Fhero paints a shopping centre in Belo Horizonte

Brazilian Graffiti artist Fhero has just completed his latest large scale mural. This new works are located on the entire facade of the Xavantes Shopping building in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Fhero worked together with a team of 4 artists, including his crew partner Ed-Mun to realise this intervention. The artwork itself is a colourful geometric... Continue Reading →

Degon for Contorno Urbano

Local artist Degon has created a new mural "Green Screen Art" for  the Contorno Urbano 12+1 urban art project. The work is situated in the heart of the city on the facade of the Cotxeres Borrell civic center. Every month the centre is transformed with the intervention of a different artist. Degon wanted to go beyond... Continue Reading →

Imon Boy and Dagoe for Contorno Urbano

Sport and pop culture are the main topic at the new edition of the 12+1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. With sarcasm and humor, the artists Imon Boy and Dagoe have been responsible for making the most recent murals of the Contorno Urbano Foundation. For two months, pedestrians will be able to enjoy these... Continue Reading →

New MTO Mural – “On lâche rien”

Internationally recognised French artist MTO has just completed his newest mural in Jacksonville, Florida. The mural is titled "On lâche rien/We don't give up" and was created in support of the yellow vest movement in France. This movement started in Paris last October as people hit the streets demanding social justice from the French government.... Continue Reading →

La Chulapa – Gerada in Madrid

A genuine tribute from Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada to the local associationist movement of the San Isidro neighborhood in Carabanchel (Madrid) Some days ago, the neighbors of the historical Tercio y Terol Colony, located at the San Isidro neighborhood of the Carabanchel district in Madrid, have got one more big reason to feel proud of their achievements after... Continue Reading →

Etnik – Φωτιά in Greece

Italian Artist Etnik has completed the second of his five mural project Inspired by platonic geomerty.  A few months ago I shared Etnik's newest mural in Jackonsville, Florida. The mural was titled 'Eikosi' and was the first of a five part series of walls inspired by Platonic geometry. Etnik has just completed the second mural... Continue Reading →

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