El Joel & Aruma – Wednesday wall #54

El Joel and Aruma are the feature for this week’s Wednesday wall. This is my first time ever writing about Aruma but El Joel I had the pleasure of interviewing earlier this year. This collaborative piece was created on one of the few remaining legal walls left in the city.

Marta Antares – Wednesday wall #53

Marta Antares is part of a crop of new young artists appearing on the streets of Barcelona. I don’t want to say there is a passing of the torch situation going on right now. However, the vast majority of the artists I was seeing when I moved here have shifted to studio/larger mural work only.Continue reading “Marta Antares – Wednesday wall #53”

Wednesday wall #52

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Wednesday wall. I actually just checked and incredibly I haven’t done one since March! That is some shoddy work on my part! Let’s rectify that unacceptable effort with this banger from Hech Uno. Hech is part of the CE2 Crew and hails from Calpulalpan in Mexico.