Wednesday wall #29

I’ve been meaning to share this collaboration piece by Barcelona residents Axe Colours and Cristian Blanxer for ages but it keeps getting pushed back in the queue for some reason. No more, today is the day! I can’t remember when the artists actually made this piece and neither shared it on Social media for me to lookContinue reading “Wednesday wall #29”

Wednesday wall #27

It’s more like Wednesday walls plural this week with this massive collaborative jam session style wall from eight resident artists in Barcelona. Art3sano, Minx Factory, Borneo, Aruma Ocho, Ale Alonso, Ioke, Louis Danjou, Rion and finally Bouits all took part in this painting version of a Sunday session on the streets of Poblenou. There’s such a wide range of styles all in the melting potContinue reading “Wednesday wall #27”

Wednesday wall of fame #25

I love this piece by Lucho Garcia Vargas aka Desde Unarbol as it’s just surreal fun. A snake winding its way around a hollowed-out skull might have most people thinking horror more than happiness but the whole piece just has a chilled happy feel to it. It’s full of creativity with a third eye symbolContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #25”