Ceremony – Canal Gallery Inauguration

December 2nd saw the long awaited inauguration of Canal Gallery a new contemporary urban art gallery in Barcelona. This new gallery celebrated their opening with CEREMONY, a large group exhibition with more than 50 established and emerging artists showcasing their works. Ceremony included the works of artists from all manner of disiplines from all over the globe.
Canal Gallery is located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and specialises in graffiti and contemporary urban art. The gallery curators feel this was one of the artistic gaps within the Barcelona art scene. As a former resident of Barcelona, this is something I am 100% in agreement with!
The inauguration was a success and attracted a large number of visitors from the city. Balu, Canal Gallery director, together with Teresa Arroyo de la Cruz curated the exhibition and managed to bring together a large group of artists from the national and international scene.
Among the artists invited, some names stand out. The New York pioneers of the late 60s and early 70s, COCO144 (who travelled from New York for the inauguration) and Al Díaz who was the partner of Jean-Michel Basquiat in the famous graffiti group SAMO.
The show also saw the renowned designer, illustrator and painter Javier Mariscal. The Paris-based urban artist Popay and the pioneer of contemporary urban art in the city of Barcelona, Germán Bel / Fasim were also on hand. COCO144, Al Diaz and Fasim covered the main wall with three works, thus structuring the exhibition.
On a personal level, I am pretty gutted I missed this one as the show featured a plethora of artists who’s work I love. Canal Gallery is very high up on my list of places to visit when I visit Barcelona again next!

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