Chroma Promenade – PRO176 at Montana Gallery

Parisian artist PRO176 is currently exhibiting at Montana Gallery in Barcelona and I recently took the time to pop down and check out his works. PRO176 is actually reasonably new to me for some reason, just one of those artists who somehow slips through the net of my hours of trawling Instagram and the internet for new artists and works.

I’m delighted to say that’s he’s now been caught in my imaginary net and I can tell you all that I absolutely love his work. I’m not sure I actually have the vocabulary to describe it exactly how I’d like, something like Pop art colours mixed with futuristic comic books and graffiti burners. Organised chaos possibly. Either way there’s something about this style that really jumps out at me and hooks me so much that I spent the next few hours trawling through his IG page (along with a few other similar artists pages) to get as much of a fix as I could.

Pics of the show are below but I urge you to check out more of his work on Instagram as he’s recently completed a wall in Valencia that’s is simply stunning and needs to be seen!

For any readers based in Barcelona or coming to visit anytime soon, the show runs until the 25th November so check it out if you have the chance.

Also, there will be less fishing references on my next post for sure.


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