Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 Project – Alva Moca

Last week saw the completion of the February edition of Contorno Urbano’s excellent 12 + 1 project in the Barcelona suburb of Hospitalet de LLobregat.

For this months intervention Spanish artist Alva Moca brought his abstract work to the city with a piece entitled ‘Panther Force’

“The origin of the name comes from an electronic cumbia song by artist Mateo Kigman.

Alva wanted to transmit in the mural that same hypnotic and shamanic rhythm, always in balance with the earth”

“The mural represents the idea of being able to be more animal, more primitive, without ego. To be able to remember that we are tiny in the vastness of the universe, feel more, question the visible and invisible of society.

The colors represent different stigmata of civilization: ochre (gold, money, power), blue (water, organic), red (love, blood…) white and black (organization of society, bourgeois).

I try to simplify my drawings to figures, shapes and prints, giving meaning to each one of the images that appear. There are no green panthers… but in another reality.”

Another fabulous piece in this always interesting and community motivated monthly project.


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