Contorno Urbano 12+1 January – Zurik1

The First intervention in this years Contorno Urbano’s 12 + 1 Project has been completed and it’s an absolute beauty of a piece.

First up to paint the wall situated in Barcelona’s Llobregat suburb was Colombian graffiti writer Zurik1 who’s work focusses on highly colourful abstract lettering.

For this intervention you will see that Zurik has used two different facial expressions from what looks like the same person. One half seems too be very happy and smiling whilst the other half looks almost wistful. The contrast of the clashing colours used between the two sides representing the idea that we all feel a wide range of emotions with each part complementing the other to make up a whole person.

The artist spoke with Contorno about the wall, saying…

“As I dedicate 80% of my time to write graffiti, I chose to include letters in a way that they wouldn’t lose antagonism in front of the main character, this is why lightings and contrasts are really sweet,on the contrary than in most of my works.”

A truly wonderful addition to this excellent on-going project and one that will be hard to top this year.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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