Creu Coberta – a space for art in Barcelona

One thing that’s very apparent for anyone involved in the street art scene in Barcelona is that there’s a real shortage of permanent art projects. The art scene here is very ephemeral and there are only a handful of permanent murals in the city centre.

On one hand it’s very exciting to run around hoping to get shots of walls before they are buffed but on the other hand I personally feel the city lags behind the vast majority of major cities when it comes to mural projects. Not that these projects are the be all and end all and I’m beginning to change my opinion on a few in particular but it would be nice to see certain artists come and leave a permanent wall here instead of seemingly everywhere else.

Kram and Eledu

One area that does have some permanent murals is Creu Coberta meeting point very close to the prominent Placa Espana. Creu Coberta is a culture centre of sorts and often holds independent markets and such on their small plot of land. Unfortunately that small plot of land is becoming even smaller as the hotel next door is expanding hugely and taking over a great deal of their space.

Irene Lopez Leon

The organisers of the space decided to respond to this forced sale by holding a small event with live music and free beers. They also permitted seven artists to paint new permanent murals on the remaining walls. The live event itself was really good fun with a whole host of locals and intrigued tourists there to enjoy the art along with some incredible music, especially the second DJ who played an ambient set of sorts that was straight fire.

Kamil Escruela

As for the new murals I mentioned there was a really nice mix of artists and styles with Kram and Fatal Fake partner Eledu working on a massive collaboration piece at the front entrance. Irene Lopez LeonKamil EscruelaValiente Creations and Slomo all created some wonderful new pieces as well. Slomo’s piece is on a shipping container which for some reason is something I cannot get enough of. Art on containers and trucks is a big thing for me!

Good buddy Uriginal also got involved and updated a piece he created a few years back adding some depth and colour to the abstract eyes that previously peered out from the wall.


So whilst there is not a lot of permanent murals in Barcelona and whilst hotels and big business continue to snap up land for their own profit it’s nice to see small organisations continue to try and do something creative and positive with what space they have. Hopefully these murals or at the very least the space to paint murals such as these will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Irene Lopez Leon in process
Valiente Creations
Kram and Eledu



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2 thoughts on “Creu Coberta – a space for art in Barcelona

  1. Great to see a small project like this happen. We have a good mix of permanent and high-turnover walls in Bristol, but could do with more of both.

    1. 100% Agreed, it’s great to see all types of people at the very least pop their head in to see what’s going on during the event.

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