Dako & WZ – Graffiti WWF Style

Dako & Wahab don’t paint anywhere near enough on the streets as I would like but when they do they always serve up an absolute treat.

Both artists characters and scenes are full of colour, crazy looking characters and just the general vibe of a really bad trip.

For this piece they have created something I have seen a few times in the past from the duo and that’s a 90’s themed wrestling piece. As a kid growing up in the 80’s & 90’s I absolutely loved the WWF and this piece reminds me so much of sitting watching the wrestling on the TV or playing with the action figures.

With this piece they have chosen to paint the Undertaker and his creepy manager Paul Bearer, two firm favourites of a young nogreywalls. This piece matches the characters and 90’s wrestling in general perfectly, mainly because it’s absolutely ridiculous. And I love it.

Here’s to more wrestling themed pieces in the near future.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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