Degon for Contorno Urbano

Local artist Degon has created a new mural “Green Screen Art” for  the Contorno Urbano 12+1 urban art project. The work is situated in the heart of the city on the facade of the Cotxeres Borrell civic center. Every month the centre is transformed with the intervention of a different artist. Degon wanted to go beyond muralism as it’s known, in this instance creating an interactive artwork. Amazingly, to enjoy in its entirety, the mural requires the use of a mobile phone.

In addition to being a muralist, Degon is an audiovisual designer and co-founder of Device Studio. He is also half of the post-rap band JUDDER. Aware of the growing importance of social networks and the internet, he takes advantage of the digital environment where his works are displayed. Choosing to experiment with techniques such as chroma or small animations.

With works such as the one made in the 12+1 project, Degon can complete his interventions beyond the physical space. This style allows viewers to reflect on the colour games of a piece or how it can be transformed through the imagination.

Degon uses a graphic style closer to the world of design and a green background to be used as a chroma, image, video and digital edition are mixed with physical intervention. In this way, it is intended to dilute the border between the tangible and the digital.

All photos by: Clara Anton

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