Double trouble – new works by Loko Ramzy

A couple of new pieces popped up in Barcelona last weekend. On first glance these works are by two different artists in the ever thriving scene in BCN but a cursory look at the tag surprised me in that they are in actual fact both by Loko Ramzy .

Ramzee is a consistent presence on the streets with his pieces being a mix of writing burner style and hyper-realistic portraits.

The first piece below is definitely in the latter camp with this stunning representation of a female face. Actually the piece has now been changed to have no mouth and just paint drips from the nose down (it’s called don’t speak on his IG Page) I don’t know if Ramzee was unhappy with the final piece or decided to try something different once it was finished but either way it’s a great addition to this wall. Also for the record, I actually like the new version better so go check it out on his IG page.


This second piece is more of a modern take on Graffiti writing. I’m terrible at reading burners but even I can see the cracked eggs at the end as E’s. The mutated brain with the middle of the M just poking through etc.

As much as I like hyper-realistic pieces this mutant burner with all those little details (the fried eggs, the antenna eyes on the green monster) give this piece the edge.


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