El Joel goes back to the wall

El Joel, street art, graffiti, Barcelona

El Joel paints a lot, like every few days a lot. He’s as committed to his craft as you are going to get. However here in Spain, as I am sure you have noticed, we have been on a pretty strict lockdown for so many weeks I’ve lost count. For an artist like El Joel that’s tough going. Not being able to hit the streets and scratch that itch must having been bugging the hell out of him. So, El Joel got creative and built a mini wall in his garden.

The Garden

You will have seen a lot on Social media lately about artists and the ways they have found to keep busy during quarantine. There has been the absolutely superb Void Projects series curated by Jacoba Niepoort. Honestly if you have not seen it you should definitely check it out, it’s unreal. There have been online sketch battles, digital works on walls and trucks. I’ve seen all kinds of canvas work and cool collaborations. And of course people delving into the archives to share forgotten work. It’s been an amazingly creative time but I’ve not seen anyone build a wall to create burners in the garden however!

El Joel, graffiti, barcelona,

All it took was a couple of bits of plywood, some nails and a few little steps for those hard to reach spots and Joel had his very own legal wall. Who ever said there was a shortage of places to paint in Barcelona!

El Joel, graffiti, barcelona, street art

I’m gonna hazard a guess that Joel had a pretty big surplus of cans lying around. The reason for this guess? He bombed his wall not once but three times in a 3 week period! That’s a lot of cans, whitewashing and prep going on! Going over your own work certainly beats other artists going over it in double quick time on these busy streets though.


El Joel, graffiti, barcelona,

You can’t even say that Joel took it easy with these pieces. They are all super clean and detailed with a huge mix of colours. No shortcuts here. Joel even took the time to shout out his NBA crew on each piece, a real attention to detail.

El Joel, graffiti, street art, barcelona

I don’t like picking favourites but if you insist I will! Personally the header piece does it for me the most. There is something about that purple and green colour combo that really hits the spot! That 3D lettering too is a real favourite of mine. Not that it matters, all that matters is that El Joel didn’t let quarantine get him down and he got very creative to be creative.

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One thought on “El Joel goes back to the wall

  1. I love this. Many Bristol artists have done the same.

    I agree, the feature image is the pick of the bunch. It has a modern take on an old school style. Brilliant.

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