Eledu & Kram – Wednesday wall #58

Kram in Barcelona

Eledu & Kram are the feature on this week’s Wednesday wall. You may remember me moaning about a lack of sleep due to my new puppy recently. Well, this has it’s advantages sometimes when you are walking around the neighbourhood and a bright idea pops into your head. I know how to get some peace and quiet later, lets tire him out on this steep path. Said steep path leads to a graffiti wall that despite it’s close proximity, I do not visit anywhere near enough.

So little Lincoln the sausage dog inspired me to head up to this graffiti wall on Sunday morning. And what a surprise I got. Eledu and Kram had both painted pieces at the end of the wall. These guys are long term collaborators and are part of the Fatal Fake crew. Neither artist is all that big on sharing work, or street pieces at least on social media. This means it’s always a nice surprise to come across their work whilst out and about.

I’ve written about both these artists before, most recently Eledu’s work at a No Borders paint jam in Barcelona. Kram has been on the page multiple times also and his solo show last year was something really special.

Kram in Barcelona

On the little square wall facing the city Kram has created an interesting looking piece. Inspired by outer space the character is typical of the artists usual work. Well, if he had a face he would be! The characters face seems to be that of a black hole of sorts and he looks like he is going to absorb the planet in front of his ‘face’. This faceless character looks to be within multiple dimensions, one of which is in the shape of a K, a nice touch from Kram.

Eledu in Barcelona

Eledu chose the slightly angled wall to paint this skull. It must be a bit of a challenge to paint that wall what with the sandy slope in front. I reckon it’s quite hard to balance properly there. Eledu has a very specific artistic style. You can always tell what he’s painted but to me it’s very individualistic and not like anything else I’ve seen. On this piece he has painted a very colourful skull. What I like most about it is that it’s not your average skull. This skull is from some far out creature that I am not too sure I’d ever like to meet. I’m not too sure I ever want to see anything with eyes that big, especially ones that bulge out so much.

Here’s to more Sunday morning street art surprises!

Eledu Instagram / Kram Instagram

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