Etnik – “αέρας – Elémént d’air”

Etnik αέρας - Elémént d'air full wall shot

Swedish artist Etnik is back with the third piece in a series of murals inspired by platonic geometry. I have already shared the murals inspired by water and fire in the US and Greece here and here.

Etnik has created this third mural for “BIENNALE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN DE Sologne“. The Sologne Biennale features monumental sculptures of contemporary art in landscape. Situated in Millancay in the centre of France, this festival exhibits art in the most beautiful natural areas of the Sologne region.

Wide shot of Etnik at work

The third wall of Plato’s series is devoted to the Air element and is titled “αέρας – Elémént d’air”. The shape in the centre of Etnik’s composition represents the octahedron which is for Plato the geometrical symbol of air.

Once again Etnik has created a complex and impressive piece of work that is a must see for visitors to the region.

Close up of Etnik's latest mural. Close up of Etnik's latest mural. Close up of Etnik's latest mural.

About the artist

Born in Stocholm (Sweden). 

Live and work in Torino ( Italy) . 

Etnik has been active since the early ’90 in the writing scene, searching new ways to push the limit of the classical graffiti to a high level.

He has been painting big conceptual murals and organising events to connect the best European artists.

From 2001 Etnik’s way to paint started to evolve to geometrical and architectural forms. Mixing lettering with urban landscapes.

This way to represent the CITY and criticise it and paint the urban volumes as an abstract composition, is the way to work on different media from painting, to sculpture and installation.

Now working in his studio in Turin, Etnik travels all year round for mural paintings and gallery shows.



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