Get better to read – New graffiti wall in Finland.

Get better to read mural

A 27 m wide and 2,7 m high graffiti wall has just been completed in Finland. Called HANKI PAREMPAA LUETTAVAA (GET BETTER TO READ) this wall was created as part of the recent Flow Festival in the centre of Helsinki.

Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat is behind the Get Better to read project and partnered with local writers to create this massive new mural. It took 60 hours to paint & illustrate the whole wall.

Get better to read mural

The wall features many classic tags from Taki 183 alongside original sketches from classic Helsinki graffiti crews.

Get better to read mural

This enormous mural details the Helsinki graffiti scene through a series of stop off points. First off is the Vandalism era of the 80’s. This is followed by ”legal graffitis” & the authorities stop graffiti actions of the 90’s. The mural ends with street art making the jump to being shown in Finish museums around 2010. Visitors to the festival could follow the path when passing wall. Many of these visitors stopped off to take a selfie with mural. Lettering tags and stickers adorn the wall and show a series of styles from each decades.

Festival goers stopping for selfies

One of the illustrators involved is internationally renowned artist Trama. Trama has been in the graffiti game since 1986. A real legend of the Finnish scene. His girlfriend and fellow artist Hanna Suominen joined the The SKZ and Images crews and Remoe (Ale Lauraéus) in creating this tribute to the Finnish graffiti scene.

Get better to read mural

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