Guate Mao – Wednesday wall #59

Guate Mao has loads of little stencils dotted around Barcelona. The French artist visited Barcelona again last year and left behind 8 or so pieces. Sadly like a lot of pieces here the vast majority of them have been defaced in some way or other.

However this tiny piece still remains completely intact. You can put that down to placement. The other stencils are in fairly easy to find places on, not main streets but busy ones at least. This piece is hidden away down a narrow dead end in the Born barrio. The placement matters in more than one way here. The choice of street has added to the stencils longitivtiy of course. But possibly more importantly, the location for this small face is just gorgeous.

Guate Mao in Barcelona

As you can see Guate has sprayed this piece onto the edge of someones front door. It’s not a fancy front door either. This door is slightly weather beaten with the white paint flaking away to reveal the wood beneath. The stencil matches the door knocker perfectly and for the untrained eye could be easily missed. I’m sure there are plenty of people who live on that street who have never even noticed it.

Just for added effect, the front of the house is surrounded by various types of potted plants. These plants really add something extra to this beautiful scene.

Fingers crossed that Guate Mao returns to Barcelona in the future. It’s a real shame that a lot of his work has been defaced (like C215 years ago). However the city is full of little hidden streets like this one so maybe with a little bit of planning his next batch of stencils will be more permanent fixtures.

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