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Enthusiasm, creativity, new ideas, welcoming new people and expanding cultural horizons are at the base of the Urban Vision festival that takes place each July in Acquapendente, Italy.

British artist Helen Bur was amongst the invitees for the fourth edition of Urban Vision and chose to paint this emotive portrait of a migrant child on the gable end of a house in the town centre.

Helen’s wall is inspired by the children of immigrants, who have lost the freedom to dream and fly with imagination. The idea was chosen in response to the large increase in migrant deaths in the Mediterranean sea recently where over 600 people have sadly lost their lives whilst fleeing from violence, poverty and conflict in the desperate search for a better life.

This mural was created with brush and roller which mixed with the old crumbling walls gives it a more raw feel akin to that of work on canvas. Textures like this cannot be achieved as easily with spray on a perfect flat wall and this really adds a great deal to the overall emotion of the piece.

Part of Helen’s inspiration for the piece is from a poem called ‘home’ by Kenyan writer Wasan Shire which she wanted to share with us – “no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark / no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land” 

Truly powerful writing which formed the basis of this evocative and socially conscious mural.

Helen Bur: Website / Instagram

Urban Vision Festival: Instagram


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