Imon Boy and Dagoe for Contorno Urbano

Sport and pop culture are the main topic at the new edition of the 12+1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. With sarcasm and humor, the artists Imon Boy and Dagoe have been responsible for making the most recent murals of the Contorno Urbano Foundation. For two months, pedestrians will be able to enjoy these two fun artworks.

The walls

With the aesthetics of a video game, Imon Boy represents a game of tennis that is being played on a train car. As in other scenes he usually paints, the protagonist of the work is Imon Boy himself. Here he plays the game against a security guard. In this way, the work becomes a metaphor for the reality that graffiti writers live.

On the opposite wall, Dagoe has made the mural “Straight Ballin'”, a clear allusion to New York hip-hop culture. The typography used is inspired by the classic film Wild Style. Forming an antithesis of the era, in the front there is a portrait of the singer Drake.

Imon Boy

Imon Boy has been in the world of graffiti for years, alternating his pieces in the street with other study projects in parallel. In a self-referential way, he brings to the artistic plane all the aspects that appear in his life: graffiti, videogames, internet, cinema, music, travel, friendships, etc. The key to his production is the union of all these pop elements and the curiosity for drawing and the search for new forms and scenarios. His work has been seen in places such as La Térmica, CAC Málaga, MAD de Antequera, Iniciarte Program, Positive Propaganda (Munich), Birimbao Gallery, Affenfaust Galerie (Hamburg), District Gallery (Philippines), Adjust Wynwood (Miami), GoodSpace Gallery (Sidney) or Martinez Gallery (New York).


Dagoe uses satire and humor to convey his messages, which often allow for different interpretations. Regarding the graphic record, he likes to explore the material and the textures, mixing text with image and using pastel ranges. Both in acrylic and in spray.

Dagoe, or Aitor Cara, immersed himself in the world of graffiti thanks to friends from Badalona, ​​his hometown, during his high school years. In 2012 he participated in a festival of muralism in Paris, which led him to move to the French capital and focus on the murals and canvases. Later making a residency at the atelier Narvaland. After getting to know Tunisia, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, he returned to Catalonia to study Illustration at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. He graduated in September 2018 and currently his work focuses on illustration, design and animation.

All photos by: Clara Anton 

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