Interview with Banana Paredes

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve published any interviews on the blog so what better way to jump back in with a chat with Banana Paredes. For any readers who follow my Instagram page you will have no doubt see photos of Banana P’s, well his banana’s. Yes the name does what it says on the tin, P creates art using a banana character in many different guises. I don’t think I have ever said banana so much in my life. Banana.

Over to the banana himself…

Hi Banana Paredes how are you? Tell us a little about yourself…

I was born in Seville. I am a happy boy, lover of all kinds of pleasures. I need to do creative things to make sense of my life.

Ok, first things first, why bananas!?

They are nice and give a lot of play. I believe in instincts. We all come from the monkey, that’s why everyone likes Bananas.

When did you first start spraying on walls?

I started in the year 98. But I spent many years without painting, dedicated to other activities also related to the world of hip hop.

What was the original inspiration for grabbing a spray can for the first time?

Painting walls combines illegal activity, creativity and ego. All those things together conquered a restless teenager.

Do you like to work with a sketch or just freestyle?

I do both. But if I have a special idea, I need to make a sketch and also buy the right colors for it.

What’s the inspiration behind the different characters your banana becomes?

I try to adapt the character to the context and the wall on which I am going to paint. Sometimes I represent the Banana dying in different ways. Others I try to suggest sexuality. Normally they are human situations, but made by a Banana everything is more comical.

Is a piece ever finished in your eyes?

When I look at my graffiti photo carefully at home, I always see missing details. When I have the opportunity to return the next day, I can finish it and be satisfied.

Do you have any crazy ideas/projects that you’d love to do one day?

I have fantasies. But I prefer that they arrive naturally and not force it. My main goal is to have fun and try to think only about the present.

What do you like to do with your non-painting time?

Watch comedy and smoke weed.

What’s the ideal soundtrack to a day’s painting?

I usually play in random RAP, Reggae, songwriters and even opera albums.

If you could have one super power for the day what would you choose?!

Teleportation is the best of all super powers.

What’s next for Banana Paredes?

Maybe… Find someone who wants to eat my banana? (Sorry for the joke)

I only think about enjoying painting in the present. I prefer not to think about the future.

If you wanna check out more from Banana P, you can peep his work on Instagram.

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