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After a small break I’m back with the blog and back with a bang! I’ve been fortunate enough to interview Madrid born artist Yaicecream and learn a little bit about her colourful cartoon infused world, her characters having better shoes than her and much much more.

Hope you enjoy the interview below.

Hi Yai how are you? Tell us a little about yourself…

Hi, I am great how are you? A little about myself… well, I was born in Madrid in 1987 and I think I am pretty good at seeing life in a positive way.

I’m really good thanks for asking! Where does the name Yaicecream come from?

Well, I have never really liked using my last names too much because of personal reasons, so when I got a Facebook I named myself Yainosaur, and the next one was yaicycle and then at last Yaicecream. I haven’t felt the need to change the last one and Ive always loved drawing ice cream and candy worlds so it made perfect sense.

Yainosaur is amazing! How did it all start for you? Were you one of those kids always scribbling on notebooks at school?

Haha yes! That was definitely me. My books for school were completely covered in drawings, and my agendas as well. I decorated them for myself and for the other kids at my class. I never paid attention in class actually cause I was too busy drawing.

What was the first ‘spark’ for you to pick up a spray can and hit the streets? Did you start off as a writer then progress to larger more moralistic pieces?

Well, when I was younger I was always drawing, then from drawing I got in to digital illustration and other forms of art but when I started painting is when everything just started making sense. Then I got offered to paint a mural and I decided to try using spray cans because it would be way faster and I had always wanted to do it anyway. So thats when the spark happened. I loved it so much, I actually think painting murals with spray cans is addictive for me.


I’m a big fan of your style of work, bright colours with cheeky captions and plenty of humour. As a big fan of cartoons your work really jumps out at me. Where does your artistic inspiration come from?

Thats amazing! I am super super happy you appreciate my work.

I think my inspiration comes from many different sources that overall compose who I am. I feel like the characters I draw are somewhat a representation of myself or what I want to be. For example, I always make my characters have the shoes I want to buy but can’t afford, that way at least someone gets to wear them and by painting them I get to enjoy them, haha.

I also grew up (like every kid, I imagine) watching cartoons. Dragon Ball, the Simpsons, the Power Puff girls, Dexter’s laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Mickey Mouse, etc.

You are a multidisciplinary artist, I see you on the streets painting, constantly creating all types of art on IG & I’ve seen your t-shirts designs on multiple websites. Is there one area you enjoy more than the others or do they all give you the same satisfaction? And where do you find the time for it all!?

I enjoy every process of creation in different ways because it always teaches me things I can apply on many fields. When I use illustrator I learn basic combined shapes that form particular designs I tend to repeat but done in a perfect way and then I can use that same technique when drawing or painting or forming ideas. Sometimes I feel super lazy and don’t even feel like having the light on or sitting down so I put my laptop on my belly and enjoy some illustrator, but then I get on a big piece of wood with a bunch of acrylics and go crazy with the combinations of colors and the amazing feel of the brush working its way through the almost perfect lines, and then murals are just amazing as well, so fun, so big, so challenging, but they require a good amount of energy, dedication etc. and so on with other creative choices.

I always have the time for at least some kind of art activity. Like if I go to a restaurant or coffee shop I either have a pen with me or ask for one and draw on a napkin or the paper table mat, I don’t do it consciously it just comes out of me.

When working on a wall do you have a plan in mind when you start a piece? Or do you like to look at the wall and the surroundings and take inspiration from there?

It depends on what wall because sometimes its a commission and I have to go with a plan or I have total freedom and I just start doing whatever I think of at the moment feeling the influence of the environment. But since walls are big size or at least usually bigger size than canvases I tend to prepare myself with a sketch or a render to have an organized idea and to not come in to problematic situations and also coming with the homework done ahead saves up a good amount of paint.

With this in mind what do you find to be the most difficult part of the creative process? I’ve read other artists speak about the fear of the blank page/canvas, do you ever get this?

I usually don’t run out of ideas because if I do I simply go back to old sketches or I go to my iPhone notes and look for all the ideas I had when I wasn’t able to draw them right away and wrote them down for moments of creative drought.

I think the most difficult thing for me is organization. I tend to waste some time because of that and I usually wait for the last minute to do the things I have to do because I like that rush, that emergency state, and then it gets tough running out of time but I am trying to get better each project. I just can be a bit of a mess so I could really use the help of someone who organizes my life lol.


Do you have a favourite city or place to paint? Is there a dream city or country or wall even that you’d like to paint?

I have a lot of answers for these questions haha.

I love Barcelona, but I love New York and I love LA. I think my dream city right now is LA, I think I’ll move there when I am ready to settle up a little for a while and base my projects in that city. I think LA is one of those cities that can keep me busy most of the time. But also I have been really wanting to paint a wall in Greece, I don’t know where exactly, just that country has been calling me a lot recently and I think I could gain a lot from the experience of being called to paint a mural there.

I know when you are in Barcelona you will work on some of the legal walls throughout the city. Of course there are sometimes ‘issues’ with other artists tagging finished pieces and even sometimes unfinished pieces just for kicks, sometimes within minutes of the piece being completed. What are your thoughts on legal walls?

I actually did paint a couple of legal walls out there and one that hopefully will remain there longer at the Nau Bostik.

I think its really cool to be able to paint a wall whenever you feel like it, for fun, photos, exposure, or practice, its dope to have that chance but you need to know what you are doing, and you need to be aware it will be painted over very soon. The ones I did, I did them for fun, because my friend offered me free paint and I love painting and it makes for a great photo.

Do you like to collaborate with other artists?

I looooove collaborating with other artists. I constantly make my friends draw with me because its super fun plus theres always something you can learn from collaborating with other artists who have different or similar styles, its exciting and rewarding.

Something I really enjoy is hearing which artists inspired other artists. Which artists inspired you growing up and who’s work do you really like just now? And is there any artist you would love to work with?

Well, like I said earlier I used to watch a lot of cartoons, so I would just learn from the artists behind Cartoon network and sometimes Nickelodeon and Disney channel. I also remember being inspired by some clothing brands like Emily the strange or Bape but mostly cartoons, and if i was inspired by other artists that came in the time of Deviant art lol, and I don’t remember what artists were the ones I liked the most at the time.

And well now, I fucking just love art so much, I follow too many artists on Instagram I can think of how much I love the Low Bros and Dabsmyla and Supakitch, and I love the dudes who make Adventure time and Gumball and over the garden wall and gravity falls, and flapjack etc. I am just a big kid! I like anything with fun bright happy colors and round cute shapes and animals

Just to speak about something different for a minute, tell us something about yourself that maybe not many people would know!

There’s probably so many things lol. Mmmm… For example when I was about 7 years old and my mom and her ex and me were finishing our meals in a restaurant there was only one piece of pastry with the shape of a ball left (off all the other pastry balls we had just eaten) and I was extremely full, so I asked them to eat the pastry and it turns out they were extremely full too, so I tried to convince my mom and then i started crying because I was just really sad thinking that the little round pastry would be alone without his brothers and sisters, so I conquered my full belly and ate it, or maybe my mom did. I don’t remember but I made sure all the pasty brothers and sisters were not alone.

If you could be anyone or anything for a day who or what would you be?

I would like to be either a super spoiled cat or a monkey who jumps trees in the jungle like a pro, or myself as a man.

Back to the art! Do you have any upcoming shows or projects we should know about? Are you currently exhibiting your works anywhere?

I have a couple of paintings in two different group exhibits in Arizona and I just finished a couple of murals in Madrid, and now that I am going to spend the next two months in Marbella, I am looking for a wall to paint. I am working on details for an upcoming collaborative show with a Spanish artist and now friend I really admire, but everything is super up in the air as far as date and location so I can’t really say yet. I am so working on a few not too big pieces to showcase in Barcelona but same thing, I am still getting the details ready. (See, if I had a manger I could tell you more about it lol)

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us before you go?


Many thanks for your time Yai and all the best with your future artistic endeavors!

Thank you! It’s been fun! Thanks for everything 🙂

If you want to check out more Yaicream’s work you can find her on Instagram and Behance






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