Interview with Zurik

Zurik for Arnau Gallery in Barcelona.

For this latest interview I am delighted to feature Colombian graffiti writer Zurik. Based near Barcelona her unique style is full of colour combinations and abstract shapes. She tells me about her career, love of movies and future plans.

Hi Zurik how are you? Tell us a little about yourself…

Hi! I am really good thank u for asking. Well I am a 28 years old Colombian graffiti writer who loves paint and watch movies. I spend the most part of my time between this 2 activities. Also I love food so… that’s pretty much my entire life. I am living in Sabadell (Barcelona)/ Spain since 4 years ago.

Zurik in Sabadell

Where does your tag/name come from?

I decided to put together 5 letters to represent my family and one friend on my name. Each letter corresponds to one of them.

When did you first start spraying on walls?

I started the 4 of September of 2009. When I started I knew that it was something that I wanted to do the rest of my life so I save the date.

Zurik in Sabadell

What was the original inspiration for grabbing a spray can for the first time?

I grabbed the spray can 4 years after to start to draw letters. I was (and still am ) obsessed with the graffiti / letters world. For that reason I wanted to take part on it, so my inspiration was the letters itself.

Do you like to work with a sketch or just freestyle?

It depends, I like both, sometimes I try to came out with different letters or effects or compositions so I have to draw to find something different from I get used to it. But other times I prefer just to take some nice colours and do in it “freestyle” In this way I know how much control I have on my own style, and it’s a good feeling.

Zurik in Sabadell

What’s the inspiration behind your work? A never ending list of things right?!

Yeah it is! Well… I get inspired by color and by the people who is around me. Sometimes when I feel blocked I start to talk or look others people’s work and it makes me feel so proud of them and I feel like electricity coming from who put a hard work on their styles, so that keeps me motivated. I try to find actual physical things to be inspired but I still don’t find them. So I guess I moved more for the “vibe”.

Zurik in Sabadell

Is a piece ever finished in your eyes?

Yes, it is. I used to have this feeling of the “never ending story” on walls, but I think with time u learn to control when is time to say stop and enough. Sometimes when I didn’t want to stop I messed up haha.

Zurik for Arnau Gallery in Barcelona

Do you prefer Legal or illegal painting?

I prefer legal, for a one simple reason, I never have been part of a crew and since I started to paint I always have been by my own on the street, so paint illegal in this conditions was never really “attractive” to me. I had a lot of friends, but they are split around the world and is fun when we can be together and went out in a night for some tags but that doesn’t happen to often, so the rest of the time I am just painting alone to elaborate pieces in the day light.

Zurik for Kaligraphics in Sant Feliu

Do you have any crazy ideas/projects that you’d love to do one day?

Yes I have a lot of crazy ideas, but mostly related to interior spaces… like ideas for exhibitions and I would like to know more about video and lights, and the way they can work together for tell a story. As I said, I love movies and sometimes I would like to mix more graffiti with them… I am already doing a “project” in wich every month I choose a film genre and paint some stuffs related to it, then I take time to see classical movies or repet some of my favorites and then came out with ideas for walls. I hope I can make bigger stuffs in the near future 

Zurik in Sabadell

What’s the ideal soundtrack to a day’s painting?

No soundtrack, a movie! But there are so many that is difficult to choose. If I have to, I would say: Mission Impossible (all of them) haha.

Zurik for Contorno Urbano

If you could have one super power for the day what would you choose?!

Teleportation to visit all the people that I love.

What’s next for Zurik?

Big trips are coming this year and I feel more motivated than the last ones, so I try to bring more different type of content (more videos, more projects and finally keep updated the website) but always with graffiti so, let’s see what happen.  

Zurik Instagram | Website

Zurik in Sabadell

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