IPAF 2019 – Street art tours

IPAF 2019

The International Public Art Festival (IPAF 2019), which runs from 9th until 17th February, brings together an eclectic mix of local and international street artists who will provide a dynamic live art experience on the streets of Salt River.

The educational art tour has been created by the organisers of IPAF, BAZ-ART, which saw an opportunity to harness the social benefits of street art by creating not only employment opportunities for the local community but also to promote the positive aspects of street art and  “graffiti”. When guided and implemented in the right way, street art can convey strong messages and be beautiful, impactful and inspirational.

As an increasingly respected art form, street art is also becoming the new hype.  To really appreciate its impact, visitors are encouraged to experience the art on a deeper level by taking one of BAZ-ART’s street art tours.

IPAF 2019

For more insight on the participating artists and the artworks, and for information about the history of graffiti and the festival, IPAF is running exclusive guided tours hosted by two members of the community, Nadia Agherdine and Anthea Brock.  Both women have been trained and are now qualified as official Western Cape tour guides. The tours cost R650 p/p.

The tour kicks off with your guide meeting you at Beth Uriel’s Me’Kasi Coffee shop on Victoria Road, Salt River at the time of your choice between 8:00am to 4:00pm. The tour takes 2 hours in total.

An audio tour, available through VoiceMap, can also be downloaded for R50 and is an alternative for those who want explore at their own pace at a more affordable price.

IPAF 2019

Artists participating at IPAF 2019 are from Spain, France, Mexico, Ukraine and the United States alongside local South African artists  including Aida Gomez [SPAIN], Zola [SA], Dbongz [SA] Wa-One [UKRAINE], Said Dokins [MEXICO] , Urban Khoi [SA] Kipper Millsap [USA], Mernette Swarts [SA], Aleksandro Reis [BRASIL], Dekor [SA], Maye [FRANCE],Tim Marsh [FRANCE], Ryan Allan [SA], Shinji [SA], Jono Hornby [SA], Seth Pimenthel [SA], Bona [Germany]

Take the tour and sustain the cause!

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