It’s a paste up city

One way to avoid unwanted police attention in Barcelona whilst looking to colour the streets with art is the use of a paste up or sticker slap.

On almost every street in the downtown areas of Barcelona you will find a paste up high up on a building, low down on a door, stuck on a lamp post, basically some sort of art everywhere you look high or low.

This method of street art is a very effective way of getting your art out there to the people whilst simulationsly circumventing any graffiti laws. The artists of BCN (and some visiting artists too) are prolific at decorating the streets with their art and at the moment the scene is absolutely thriving.

It’s a great entry point for up and coming artists who are maybe not at the stage of painting a huge mural on a legal wall or on the side of a building but are still looking to get their designs out there for the world to see. And since it’s not classed as graffiti, the local authorities won’t clean the art from the walls so these pieces generally last much longer than something painted on a wall a fame for example.

Below are a few of my very recent favourite finds from my many walks around the city.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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