Ivesone – Illegal to legal

Ivesone in Barcelona.

A few months ago I went out on a late night adventure with Dutch artist and Barcelona resident Ivesone. The plan was for Ives to paint a huge illegal piece on an abandoned building we knew of in the Poblenou area of Barcelona.

My idea was to do a time lapse of the whole process. Of course, I am an idiot and forgot how quickly it gets dark in Barcelona so that side of things didn´t work out quite as planned. Thankfully Ives is more professional that me and he belted out an enormous piece on the side of this building, using just his roller, in no time at all. So we headed back off home on the metro feeling pretty happy with ourselves, Well Ives was dying due to the heat but still, happy.

Ivesone in Barcelona.

I headed back the next morning to take a photo of the finished piece and that was that. Or so we thought… The very same day Tim Marsh was painting a door front in Poblenou and was approached by a gentleman who was commending him on his work around the area. Said Gentleman wandered off only to return to Tim 30 minutes or so later none to pleased about the enormous piece of art that had appeared overnight on his not so abandoned building.

I mentioned Ives professionalism earlier but I´ll retract that at this point as he tagged the illegal piece with his very easy to find on social media artist name.  As you can imagine it took all of a five minutes for the building owner to find him online and fire off a pretty angry email asking for “a chat”

Ivesone in Barcelona.

Ives was obviously a little apprehensive, shall we say, about going for a chat. However, he agreed to meet the following day and see what the owner had to say. Amazingly the owner was actually pretty reasonable and explained to Ives that he liked his regular work. He was mainly just pissed that he had drawn the huge knife and not something ´nicer´

Ivesone in Barcelona.

After a little bit of negotiation they were able to thrash out an agreement over how to ´fix´the wall. And with that Ives got to work on creating a massive commission work (its pretty hard to get a wall of this size in BCN generally) in a pretty prominent area of the barrio.

Ivesone in Barcelona.

Ives decided to paint a piece dedicated to his girlfriend Ana. That´s one helluva compliment being painted 30ft high across a wall! Again, using just a roller he has created a wonderful piece of work that Ana must surely be extremely flattered by. It did take quite a bit longer to do the ´proper´wall than the illegal piece of course, I think around two months in total. It was 100% worth the time however giving Ives (and Ana) one of the few permanent murals in Barcelona. Sometimes doing illegal things pays off!

Ivesone in Barcelona.

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