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Local art organisation Rebobinart have just completed their latest artistic intervention in the Llobregat barrio of Barcelona with this mural by local illustrator and tattoo artist Jerico Delayah.

Rebobinart’s aim is “to manage the largest number of spaces in the city so that artists can create their works legally. On the other hand, Rebobinart aims to promote quality urban art by adding value to this artistic discipline and promoting the artistic talent of the city

This latest mural in the Florida area of Llobregat was created on the outer facade of one of the many tenement blocks in the area’s main square. The mission for this piece was to bring some colour and life to this space and Jerico has done just that with this magnificent piece.

The piece itself is full of colour and emits a very happy feel. There are bright blue birds full of song flying over vibrant flowers and plants that line the sides of the wall.

I would think this mural is a welcome addition to the area and should give the residents something colourful and happy to look at instead of dulling yellow buildings.

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