Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part One

Kinda nicking this idea from Scooj (who’s blog I totally recommend checking out btw) and writing a few shorter pieces about art that i’ve seen out and about recently.

This weekend I hopped on the tram, yes the tram, and headed out to a place not too far from Barcelona called Sant Feliu Llobregat. Despite it being a little bit out of the city, Sant Feliu like a lot of the satellite towns of Barcelona has an abundance of graffiti.

Local art organisation Kaligrafics held their annual Valvulas and Ritmos event over the weekend with close to 60 artists showcasing their talents in two different locations across the town. I for one am really happy that art events such as this are not just confined to the city but pop up regularly all over Catalonia.

Both these pieces are from members of the Fours crew. The header picture is by Harry Bones who’s one of those artists that when I see his work I actually get a little excited and do a little jump (for real) as the imagination and detail that goes into his work just blows my mind each and every time. This piece is a burner and not one of his more muralistic works but still the colours pop, the lines are tight and those little details in the background make it stand out from the crowd.

The second piece below is by fellow Fours member Musa71 and again the colours pop, the lines are tight, with those little details, the white bubbles and stars adding another level to the overall piece.

More to come from these teal coloured walls very soon!



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2 thoughts on “Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part One

    1. My pleasure, it’s reading your blog that is sending me down the path of writing more often with smaller pieces instead of waffling all day long 🙂 Yeah some real nice stuff, the fours crew guys are really worth spending some time looking at, Harry Bones’s mural pieces are absolutely stunning.

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