Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part two

Another post from Kaligrafics recent Valvulas and Ritmos paint jam, this time showcasing the talents of Marc Dise and Rage Studio

Marc Dise is a graffiti writer and tattoo artist based in Barcelona who’s burners are often given an added dimension with the addition of our 8 legged arthropod friend, the spider. I’m not really sure why I have used the word friend because I really am not a fan of spiders, too fast for my liking! In this piece we have two giant spiders straddling the writing but it’s the little spiders parachuting in from the sky that really catch my eye and take this piece to the next level.

Sticking with the animal theme we have the piece below by Rage. Rage (Raul Salvatierra) has been a graffiti artist since the late 90’s and I often find his animal inspired murals and burners dotted around Barcelona and the surrounding areas. This piece has a very human take on the animal kingdom. The monkey embarrassingly brushing off the lion king’s advances. Maybe it’s Rage’s sideways take on current affairs, if even a monkey and the king of the jungle can live in harmony then why can’t us humans.

It’s a question I don’t think we’ll ever have an answer for.

IMG_9389 (1)




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