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Kopisuno, Barcelona, Street art, graffiti , Anime

I gotta admit, I had never heard of Kopisuno until a month or so ago. Hey, hey don’t be too judgemental, sometimes artists just slip through the net ok! To be fair, Kopisuno seems to paint exclusively in those hard to reach places. As someone without a car, some of these popular painting spots are really hard to reach at times. Is that a good enough excuse?

Kopisuno, Barcelona, Street art, graffiti , Anime

Finding Kopisuno

Ok so I found the work of Kopisuno through another Barcelona street art page that I follow. I remember liking the piece amongst all the scrolling but I didn’t do a deep dive. However a bit later in the day something was nagging at me so I went back and checked out this guys page. It’s quite weird to say about Barcelona based artists but I didn’t recognise a single piece of art on his page. Not one. Nor did I recognise any of the locations. Often an artists speciality of giving nothing away in their IG posts!

Kopisuno, Barcelona, Street art, graffiti , Anime

I added Kopisuno to a little mental list of artists/murals that I keep but rarely remember. The ‘writer’ who never writes these things down… oh the irony. Anyway, he was on the list of artists who I hoped to stumble in some weird place someday. Well, lookie here, a few weeks back I was in a ‘weird’ place and guess what I found?! I assume you guessed that I found some of his work, congratulations, 100 points for you!

Hidden places

I won’t divulge too much about the location, I know artists like to keep these places at least semi secret from the masses. Let’s just say it was out of Barcelona and very close to a location I know really well. It’s actually really frustrating finding out that there is another spot ten minutes walk from another location I know so well. It was really muddy in this spot by the way, the overnight rain had taken it’s toll and getting shots was not as easy as I would have liked. Nevertheless I was able to catch a bunch of Kopisuno’s pieces in the ‘flesh’.

Kopisuno, Barcelona, Street art, graffiti , Anime


Anime is clearly a huge influence in Kopi’s work, almost all of the pieces I found were of Anime characters. Most of what I have seen on his IG page is the same. He is fond of letters too actually but the mud was in my way for a lot of those. Anime is not my strong point so I didn’t really recognise any of the characters sans Sonic the Hedgehog. I know most of them are from DragonBall Z but I’ve never watched it so I can’t say much more than that.

Kopisuno, Barcelona, Street art, graffiti , Anime

Not that my lack of anime knowledge should detract from his work. What stands out for me most with these pieces is how clean they are. If someone had said they were Covid based digital renders I wouldn’t have been surprised! Each and every one of these pieces POP right off the wall. Kopi has used such vibrant colours to make each piece as realistic as possible. The header piece in particular is just ridiculous realistic. The use of colours that look so similar but when put together just add so much depth and detail to the piece. Those little pockets of white too, just adding that final bit of detail.

I know Kopisuno has a bunch of other works in places I do know but are a nightmare to get to. If I do get there in the near future however, you are sure to see all about it on my Instagram!

Kopisuno Instagram

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