La Puda (Fase)

Tram by Fase in La Puda

Finding street art/graffiti in abandoned buildings must be one of my greatest pleasures. Recently I have visited La Puda near Monserrat along with a couple of artists. La Puda is a former spa which was built in 1870. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it was visited by the bourgeoisie of Barcelona. It was closed in 1958, destroyed by flooding from the nearby river and is currently in ruins.

Ivesone painting at La Puda


Ruined it might be but there are still plenty of perfectly good walls for artists to create on. On my first visit to La Puda there wasn’t a great deal of art to be honest. Now, the place is teaming with pieces.

One piece that was created during my visit, is this excellent tram on the lower level. It was created by Brazilian artist Fase and represents his home city of Santos. Fase told me that when the Portuguese came to Santos they introduced their trams as a way of getting around. For anyone who has been to Lisbon you will know exactly the type of thing we are talking about.



This was my first time seeing Fase create from scratch and it made for interesting viewing. For a start, Fase does that weird squiggles thing to map out the scale of piece. You’ll see what I mean below. I’ve seen loads of artists do this so it obviously works but it just looks really odd to me!

Fase Sketching out the wall at La Puda

Like I said it must work, as Fase seemingly effortlessly and certainly quickly whipped up this green tram. I think it took around 3 hours from start to finish to create. Pretty impressive I’d say!

Fase Sketching out the wall at La Puda

It’s alway so interesting watching artists up close. I much prefer spending my time shooting an artist during the creating process than just shooting a finished wall. In this instance Fase used his squiggle technique and a drawing he had saved on an old iPhone. How he can figure out what he’s doing from looking at that tiny screen I’ll never know.


At the end of the day both techniques work and La Puda has a green tram bursting out of one of its derelict rooms. One little touch that Fase added, his Dub tag on the side of the train. A nice little shoutout to himself whilst simultaneously referencing how these trams in Santos are tagged like so many trains across Europe.


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