La Tabacalera #1

I visited Madrid recently for the first time for a short weekend break, although none of the trips I take these days really feel like a break as I am constantly in ‘work’ mode. Work being street art hunting of course, not my real job, that’s forgotten about before I’ve even left the building…

One of the places high up my list to visit was La Tabacalera. As the name suggests La Tabacalera was once a tobacco factory built in 1790 and used the all the way to 2000 until the tobacco company was privatised and the building fell into disrepair. Rescued in 2003 by Spain’s ministry of culture it is now a thriving creative hub full of all kinds of artistic activities but for me, it’s all about the graffiti inside and outside of the building.

On the outside of the building there are 23 good sized pieces which is just the starter to what is inside the building! Within the walls, tunnels and garden area of La Tabacalera there are hundreds of pieces of graffiti, hidden round every corner and on every bit of wall available. You can imagine my delight when I got down the stairs and was faced with it all.

The first pieces I want to share are by Emea who I think is from the south of Spain, maybe one of the Balearic islands. The colour and shape of these pieces immediately jumped out even amongst so much art. I’m not sure if Emea actually broke off the bits of wall to shape the pieces or if he just got lucky and the wall happened to be that shape but either way it adds so much to the Dracula piece below, giving him a body shaped by his surroundings.

Both pieces are bright and bold with almost a collage like colour scheme to them. Both are just really crisp and clean. Dracula’s slick hair shadow is a nice touch also.

This is the first time I’ve come across Emea’s work but he’s an artist I will definitely be keeping an eye on in the future.

Also a huge shout out to Andres from Strawberry Streets for taking the time to show me around, it was very much appreciated!


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