La Tabacalera #10

As you can see even with my shocking photography skills on display, Cranio Artes graced La Tabacalera with two smalls works in the basement.

Now regarding the photography here, in my defence my battery was almost out and we were heading out of La Tabacalera with some friends to go for some food and we were on the clock and these two pieces kinda caught me by surprise and and and…

Anyway, I’m not sure when these were done but Cranio had been in Madrid a few weeks before me to do a huge mural for Urvanity so maybe they were done within the same time frame or maybe they’ve been there for years, I really don’t know.

I find it quite funny to see such small pieces in such a location by such a big name artist, it’s pretty obvious he just likes to paint and leave his work wherever he can, which I find fascinating.

The pieces are of course of Cranio’s little blue Indians, his reminder of the Indigenous people of Brazil. As you can see one is completely naked whilst the other one has small Brazilian flag over his nether regions. What’s kinda funny is the naked one seems quite out going flipping the peace sign and facing towards the walkway whilst the covered character seems more shy and is facing towards the wall. A very interesting juxtaposition



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4 thoughts on “La Tabacalera #10

    1. Ouch! I’ve been lucky with camera battery so far but when I am just using my phone, like when I was in Madrid I always take a power bank as phone batteries are… well the less said the better. Also I felt very under pressure when I was in there to get photos as quick as possible as we were with friends, I’d like another go in that place to take my time to walk around.

      1. I totally get that time thing. How often have I gone to the tip or to do the weekly shop on my own and taken a sneaky detour. I have to behave with family!

        1. I’ve fortunate my girlfriend gives me a long leash and I don’t have kids which gives me more time. I just have to accept that I’ll never see it all, unless the lottery ticket I never buy wins!

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