La Tabacalera #11

Less is more is the motto of this piece by NSN997 Crew in the bowels of La Tabacalera. It was pretty hard to get good shots of this one due to the thin pathways in the basement so the piece doesn’t stick out too well in the photos. 

However up close the piece features two smiling and laughing characters sharing a gold bullion. Surrounding the characters are various little odes to the ‘less is more’ motto. There is a car in a box with the tag ‘menos coche’ which means less cars in Spanish. This theme continues with less work, less energy and less money. Each little worded tag has a picture message with burning money, pipe and slippers next to the work and an unplugged socket next to the energy label.

A very bright and colourful statement piece that on first glance could easily be passed off as a cartoon type piece with nothing to say but when looked at closely the artists are conveying the message that we don’t need to consume as much as we do and that we as humans need to take time to relax and think about enjoying life instead of chasing the next thing be it a new car or a pay rise.

A really thoughtful piece by artists who are trying to make a difference through their work.



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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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    1. I will most likely have a photo of that in the files. There was almost too much information to process in those vaults.

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