La Tabacalera #13

One thing I had to learn to handle with La Tabacalera was the sheer amount of people who would casually walk in front of me whilst I tried to take a shot. I’m not the worlds most patient person so I had to bite my tongue quite a bit. That said I got the impression that the people who hang out there have seen so many street art photographers that they couldn’t care less if you are taking a shot or not, they are not going to move or they would spend the whole day doing so. 

That is the very much the case with this instantly recognisable piece from self titled ‘grafstract’ artist Fumeroism as the very large group of people sat in front of his piece didn’t even notice that I was standing there taking a photo. But really a group of seated people is better than a parked car or van let’s be honest so I’ll tone down the moaning.

So as I said the piece is by New Yorker Fumeroism who’s work never leaves you in doubt who the artist is. This particular piece is of Salvador Dali and is full of interesting lines, shapes and colours. The piece is outlined by thick black lines but the face is made of so many colourful swirls and blocks of colour.

There’s something ugly but beautiful about Fumeroism’s work. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all, just simply that on initial glance his work might feel a bit garish but if you spend the time to admire the piece all the subtle details slowly come out of the wall and you start to appreciate it a lot more.








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