La Tabacalera #16

I have a weird fascination when hunting for art in other cities with finding work by artists from Barcelona. I liken it to the types of British people who go to the south of Spain and refuse to eat or drink anything unless it’s stereotypically British. Fry ups and pints of lager if you know what I mean.

Spogo in La Tabacalera

So I guess this small piece in Madrid by Spogo is my street art full English breakfast! Spogo specialises in abstract geometric pieces and his angular shapes and colourful circles fit perfectly on this small box like structure at the edge of a pathway. I don’t know if the organisers pick the area for the artists to paint or if they get a say in the matter but I could imagine Spogo looking at this and thinking it would be perfect for his organic shapes.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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