La Tabacalera #18

Zon in Madrid

Since I got myself back in the game with Lisbon and Berlin posts last week it seems appropriate to do a Madrid one this week. It’s just a small piece but one by an artist I like a lot. That artist goes by the name of Zon.

The funny thing about this piece is that I had no idea who Zon was when I saw it. I simply thought it was a nice wall. Fast forward a few months and Zon has painted a couple of walls in Barcelona. Upon seeing his/her first wall here I had that familiar feeling that I had seen something like this before. Of course I could not remember why so just assumed I had seen his/her work on Instagram at some point.

Zon in Madrid

Only when writing my last Madrid post did I come across this piece in my photo folder and everything clicked. I like this mural for various reasons. For one thing, I love a bit of purple. Secondly I like the shape of the wall and how Zon has worked around the crumbled brick. Lastly I really like how artists free hand pieces like this and make them look like it’s a stencil. I always find that a really cool look.

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