La Tabacalera #2

Part two of my series about abandoned tobacco factory turned creative centre – La Tabacalera – features this stunning collaborative piece between SabekKoctel and Malaysian artist Kenji Chai.

Anyone who knows me knows that bright cartoon style pieces immediately attract my attention and have me walking off mid-conversation to have a closer look and get some photos, sorry to all those who I have done this too but it’s not gonna change anytime soon.

This piece of course had that same effect on me but I think most pieces by Sabek would do that as I am a big fan of his work despite only really ever seeing it on social media bar one or two smaller efforts. Koctel is another artist who I only know through social media although I saw another one of his pieces on the outer wall of La Tabacalera which I recently shared on IG. Kenji is a totally new artist to me and yet another that I feel embarrassed to have missed as his work is quality and right up my street.

Anyway, the piece itself is titled ‘Equilibrio’ and has one of Sabek’s instantly recognisable crows. I love them, they always have such a great ‘I know something you don’t’ smirk going on. Koctel’s pieces are full of weird characters made from fruit, like game of thrones but with oranges and lemons and you can see a few of them dotted around the bottom of the doorway. Kenji created the bird on the left hand side of the door with it’s incredibly detailed feathers and I love that little glint in it’s eye.

A fantastic piece that I feel fortunate to have seen in a constantly changing creative hub.


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