La Tabacalera #3

The curse of the parked car… I’m pretty sure every street art photographer is faced with this problem when they go out shooting but man does it feel like drivers do it on purpose sometimes. I can’t quite figure out why this van is parked here – in the middle of a public space inside the grounds of a building. Just to add insult to injury, not only is it blocking this¬†Hopare¬†piece in the doorway but also a massive ROA Piece to the right. I actually think they were done at the same time as a collaboration of sorts which makes it even more frustrating that I couldn’t shoot them together.

So yeah it’s not the best photo I’ll ever take but there’s still enough of the piece on show. I’ve seen a few of Hopare’s pieces on my travels now and his pieces always give me that little rush in my stomach when I see them. There’s something very futuristic looking about Hopare’s work which is often of anonymous human faces or figures. When I look at his work it gives off the feel that it must have been done as a stencil such is the detail with all these swirling shapes and colours but incredibly this piece is done with spray. The line work makes me think of the Unkle album covers by Futura and maharishi clothing from the early 2000’s which is never a bad thing. I’ll forever be trying to figure out how he get’s those shapes to look like folds in the clothes, it truly is mind boggling.

So despite the awkwardly parked car this is yet another piece that I feel very fortunate to have seen, even if it is from a funny angle only.



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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

3 thoughts on “La Tabacalera #3

  1. An occupational hazard. I hate those inconsiderate cars and vans. Also bins and other street furniture. I have come to terms a little with such inevitabilities and have started to incorporate them in my pictures – also people striding past a piece can actually look quite good sometimes.

    1. The people i am fine with, as you will see in a few weeks. The bins and lamp posts are not ideal but they are what they are not much you can do about it. But cars and vans. it’s sometimes, like this piece when it’s just one car in such a random spot that just gets so in the way that i get incredibly frustrated. it’s easier in Barcelona as i can come back to the spot, not so easy on trips away like this one

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