La Tabacalera #4

It took a little while to get a good shot of this piece by Alaniz as I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get the jugglers in the shot or if wanted a clean shot only. In the end I just went with both therefore ending the eternal battle in my head of including people or not in the shot. I know, it’s weird..

This piece is actually an old one, from late 2014 I think and is titled ‘deaf’ Alaniz has a little story on his IG page about the piece as he was invited to a ceremony where the community president was congratulating a street artist on a new wall. The artist took a picture of the council leader whilst on a call whilst imagining that he was discussing something all too common in Spanish politics… corruption, possibly within his own party.

It’s nice that this piece is valued enough to have lasted so long in an ever changing space. Maybe the residents know the back story and believe that it’s important to keep such a piece as reminder of the never ending issues in the Spanish political system.


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