La Tabacalera #5

Regular readers will remember me having a moan about parked cars on a previous La Tabacalera post… well this was the second wall that that same parked van managed to interfere with.

Two great artists, two great walls one giant white van in the way.

Anyway, there’s enough of the piece to share so I’l stop whining. As you can see it’s a pretty epic one and it’s by Belgian muralist ROA.  The piece, in keeping with ROA’s style, is of a skeletal animal in his indomitable Black, white and grey scale.

I really am out of my depth when it comes to telling you what animal this is however. I am guessing at an African cow but if any keen eyed readers can confirm exactly the type of animal I’d be delighted to be corrected.

As with all of ROA’s pieces it’s a real eye catcher and mid conversation stopper. Once again the mind boggles that an artist can create something this detailed on such a large scale with just spray, it’s one hell of a skill quite frankly. It’s also a nice surprise to find a piece by an artist of this stature in somewhere like La Tabacalera.

By the way, I’m on the lookout for a tow truck if anyone is selling…


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